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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 17, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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so there they are. [laughter] getting that college credit. [laughter] good night, everybody. good night. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the child cannot be in two places at one time bay area private school getting your tax money for phantom students how many kids are enrolled also registers somewhere else. family trip to yosemite turns tragic to brother swept away in less than a half a foot of water. a car has never been in los angeles drivers from northern california getting parking tickets from los angeles they say they're never there. they have to tell the truth she's only a this girl
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trying to change the world one lemon at a time. an official investigation has found one private bay area school cashing in getting taxpayer money for students they don't have. with that our eye on the school for couple of years grace lee on the latest numbers that do not add up. for st. ann's private school since 2010 we've been tracking them kids panhandling and outside board stations late at night we have answers oakland unified school district wants to investigation after our story to find out how us and and commissioner back-to-school that tens of thousands of federal dollars that allows schools to panhandle that is a serious charge read the fbi and attorney general investigating the state
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funds used. sam and to receive $50,000 in federal taxpayer money clamming to have 195 students enrolled how much a gets based upon the number of students said as sanders said fewer than 20 the oakland unified school district's supposed to verify the numbers it has sent and drew for the roster and this cool submitted 169 names of students supposedly enrolled. will verify their records against our records we believe many of these are our own students they claim 59 of the 169 students already attending oakland unified schools and could not be enrolled at st. andrew. based on the investigation the students cannot be in two places at one time we hear from the attorney for st. andrew, he says sam
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antar had bad records but accuses the school district of the sound problem and says that's why there are discrepancies. we have a record-keeping problems they still get money from the federal government what is the basis of the enrollment what is the definition of enrollment i'm trying get an answer from the school district cbs 5 had no problem finding sand and your kids pan and let the attorney says what the students are doing is misrepresented. that is the misrepresentation the african american kids when you talk about black kids it is and handling when you talk about girl scout status fund raising. these kids were asking for money the parents gave them permission we found parents when on
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record saying they had no idea their kids were out panhandling. she would be at school until 10:00 p.m. they told me she was because she was staying for bible studies. the state has issued a news citation it tracks schools that offer post high-school education it is a theological school are investigation focuses on k- 12 a barrel called private secondary education has find sane and don't for finding $50,000. the attorney says it is a misunderstanding it is a misapplication of what the law as grace lee cbs 5 the state says santander has until monday to appeal the violation you can watch and other investigations at cbs s f dot com serbs and andrew
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young boy is dead and miss and the her brother missing there were swept away at the merced river at the somebody valley that is not the only tragic story. we have learned and alameda county man has died after contracting of virus during a stay at the career village campground in june. the illness is spread by rodents. people get sick when they breathe in urine or droppings the park is working to disinfect the tent cabins. would put signs that it is a public health warnings were not doing anything differently we are putting signs up and reminding people to be careful. a woman who visited curry village contract the virus and recovers she and the man who died to know each other if the symptoms can take six weeks to appear the illness is deadly in
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30 percent of the cases the search resumes tomorrow for the second of the two boys swept away the stepbrothers for wedding and water and less than 1 ft. deep with parents nearby that lost their footing the body of the 10 year-old was recovered later 150 ft. downstream. park visitors describe the heartbreaking scene. and which saw the mother on the rocks injured from trying to rescue them cannot imagine what she goes through. to parents going back home and go home along without their children very disturbing. the boy missing is 6 years old. the children's mother is in the hospital for treatment of injuries they were visiting from los angeles with a church group. san jose once considered the safest large city in the
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country, a report released today crime is on the rise in every category from lot of fat to burglary to read, the one exception homicide from june it was down 10%. reporter kids don't as the mayor and police union what is going on he has lived in downtown san is set for a quarter-century and then after 25 years, it happened here the family's car was stolen overnight he says it was no quinta inns since and is a police eliminated the auto theft unit. did the police cuts have anything to do with that? absolutely san jose has suffered 10 years of deficits and led off police officers for the first time it-run to the size it was 25 years ago crime up sharply across the board.
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doesn't have to do with cuts in police staffing? i doubt that we have other cities that did suffer cuts and police staffing palo alto is the same size it is hard to do correlation and the statisticians have a tough time doing cause and effect. the police union says the city's choices have come back to haunt them when you/patrol and staffing when morale is in the toilet and overtime the only way to keep a lid on crime something has to get. the by the new card the insurance settlement was not enough so that the pool $3,000 from savings ya have to spend savings and borrow money it is hard. we point out that the 10% drop in homicide red covers the
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first half of the year when you factor in july and august were on pace with 2011. san jose police department is hiring kiet do cbs 5 developer news in oakland police searched for whoever shot and killed a man at a kfc dry throw it happened at 630 on international boulevard shots were fired the wounded man tried to drive away but he crashed his car into a building. he was pronounced dead. a woman in the passenger seat also hit, she is expected to survive. future for san francisco's suspended sheriff remains uncertain the city's at this commission and a hearing today with a vote on ross mirkarimi conduct christin ayers 6 plans the panel stopped short of giving an opinion that everyone waiting to hear.
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after testimony and debate it took the ethics commission seconds to vote that ross mirkarimi committed official misconduct when he gave his wife a bruise. will in door and and door as we can't the commission rejected other charges against the share of and the mayor and city attorney failed to prove any allegation of witness dissuasion and his handling of guns all of that, the commission rejected mirkarimi and his wife claimed the charges motivated by politics. the use a bruise to destroy up political opponents that is wrong the commission did not decide to recommend mirkarimi lose his job a want to be the public service i was elected to chisholm for those who want to see and removed it was a half bay to victory in a statement
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mayor ed lee says the members of the at this commission sent a message why ross mirkarimi is unfit to serve san francisco as sheriff. it is up to the board of supervisors to make a final ruling if he can remain sheriff. i'm shocked to see what happened today, we are fighters he's not going to resign christin ayers cbs 5 the at this commission meets one more time it will submit to the board for mirkarimi to lose his job nine of the 11 supervisors must agree to oust him mitt romney brings out the white board to explain his medicare plan but it's what he revealed about his taxes has everyone talking. he says he's never been to los angeles but got a parking ticket and is not the only one what drivers have to do they it
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to prove they were not there. and we raised $20,000.24 hours ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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half a dozen protesters arrested for trespassing after threatening to president obama's campaign office and auckland part of an occupied room to add to demand the release of bradley mannon and he
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is the former army analyst accused of leaking information to wikileaks. it is the second time the protesters have targeted the president's office. campaign 2012, mitt romney with the white board today to outline his position on medicare but it got off track. instead he shifted the discussion to taxes his own. jan crawford on what romney said gets the obama campaign or to work with. ron do want to talk medicare but it was his answer about his taxes that got the attention given the challenge america faces 23 million out of work, tehran about to become nuclear, one of six americans in poverty the fascination with taxes i have paid i find to be small minded compared to broad issues
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we face. i did go back and found the last 10 years and never paid less than 13% more remark more fodder for the democrats who is setting him that he's just releasing the last two years of tax returns the obama campaign had this remark " substantial reason to doubt his client we say prove that " romney says is not releasing any more returns because democrats will never be satisfied jan crawford cbs news a break for bicyclist watch out if your a pedestrian state lawmakers reject a proposal to ban bicyclist from using cellphones while the ride it was attached to a lot to increase fines of and drivers who violate the hands free lot fines can be as much as $90. northern california drivers are
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getting parking tickets from los angeles even though they swear they were not there the l a parking bureau rights and 70 of the citations a day and sometimes they get it wrong one driver will tell you is tough to get thrown out. it is an annoyance if i'd known it was this much kassala would pay the $25 mark aarons burger was determined not to give up on a ticket he says he did not get the car has never been in l a but this says his car was ticketed in los angeles in november for not having currents stickers the fine has grown to $100. his explanation to l.a. says he never drove his car there did not work. i've never been l.i. we've been investigate in northern california drivers
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getting tickets from l.a. for more than five years, yours told us l.a. showed no mercy refusing to drop the ticket until we got involved in 2009 the parking bureau promised me to lend a better a year. if someone contacts us and they tell us that never been in the city during that time friend we will spend more time to a eliminate the difficulties. since then in most cases they have, dismissing the tickets because they're tied to cars with different colors or makes four models marx problem his license plate all match what is written on the ticket he has come up with proof he was a northern california. what about a credit card charge or time card from work. or cellphone records proving he made calls on local towers.
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the city of a light tells us if and when they get prove he was here and not their they will drop the ticket kurtis ming cbs 5 a young bay area girl makes a stand against worldwide atrocities one lemonade at a time of the the and are started " make a stand " lemonade that works to and slavery and human trafficking she sets up shop in her fairfax their blood and she has a virtual stand on line to get her $150,000 goal. you can be one person that helps vivian has been at less than two months she has squeezed a lot of effort she has
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collected a huge social media following and more than $25,000 in donations. you can find more information click on links and numbers. we have nice weather under way weird weather as,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a beautiful shot by dublin we show you the headlines. we have a slight warming trend a chance of thundershowers in the bay area. high temperatures today 93 at fairfield 63 in the city. the low pressure of san francisco watch the thunderstorms fire up over i 95. it will get him and as we pump up subtropical moisture will see
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buildups light tomorrow and on saturday the potential for a thunderstorm or two. lightning strikes are possible. cloudy and cool in the morning for much of northern california it is smoking 107 at redding 104 at fresno. 66 at monterey. 78 at hayward. 84 at cupertino. in east bay in the mid-90s napa 83 at pleasanton 89. 93 at livermore tomorrow. a little bit warmer if you want cooler weather you must wait until sunday and monday the warmest greetings and then will drop below 90. in the meantime sunshine and low clouds at the coast.
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the little leaguers from petaluma are red hot at the little league world series to rookies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the 16 best the elite teams in the country at williamsport battling for the title one came grabbing the attention of the bay area the petaluma nationals they faced fairfield conn tied in the third inning did bradley smith get enough? a two run homer. he is 6-3 183 lbs.. austin to ready ads insurance with a base hit to right petaluma wins and play sunday at 11:00 a.m. west coast time. how about the a's rookie
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pitched six innings scoreless for its first major league victory. the a's offense woke up and time cocoa goes deep. this was ruled a double before figure replied ruled it out home run. youenis cespedes but this gone the a's wanted 3-0. the orioles lost the a's are 1 and have back in the wild-card spot 49ers have been picked by many to go to super bowl but the other side of the ball running back brandon jacobs one of many new players that should take the 49ers to the next level. there's moss manning and and the michael james for greg rahm emmanuel it is like getting a new box of toys. the one thing i love about the staff ever body is a team that allows all these ideas to come together for the team i
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will be accused by my wife of staring off into space while she says something to me, and i get that look well the get that look. 49ers centex since saturday and 5:00 on cbs 5 and jets training camp this get is not like tebow back to the little league game that is occurring mantis trying to eat the camera. tennessee crashed nebraska. for connecticut he gets hit in the lead. both guys ok chipper jones bobble head night in atlanta he blasts two home runs and apply at third base their raise speed
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the padres and 6-0. the giants are in a steep all right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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